A wild variety game show that all centers on the theme of cults, brain-washing, religious absurdity and the powers of belief, The Holy Sh*t Show is a one of a kind event that pits one half of the audience against the other, competing for “salvation.” SF Weekly says:

“Jamie DeWolf’s current venture takes the kind of performances he’s known for, featuring comedy, burlesque, circus arts, slam poetry, and audience participation, loads them like rounds into an AK-47 of a show, and places Scientology firmly in its sights. The blacklisted, redheaded stepchild will wage war against all forms of religious zealotry.

A proper skewering of the notorious cult could only come from Jamie DeWolf, great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard himself, and an outspoken critic of the church. DeWolf is the host and mastermind of the award-winning, madcap Tourettes Without Regrets, one of the wildest and most creatively raw variety shows in the Bay Area.

Expect creation myths retold in interpretive dance, saviors on stripper poles, a battle-rap roasting Hubbard, as well as infamous cult figures singing songs and slamming each other in dirty haiku. Nothing is sacred and no jokes, or zealots, are left behind. You may even see Tom Cruise, Jim Jones, Charles Manson, David Koresh, Jesus Christ and Xenu himself portrayed right on stage. Competitive audience battles will ensue in a series of increasingly deranged contests with one side trying to emerge victorious.”

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