Smoked, the Movie - Jamie DeWolf
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Smoked, the Movie - Jamie DeWolf

“The fast and furious SMOKED, which gives movies like GOODFELLAS and SCARFACE a run for their money in all the usual departments while also delivering enough genuine laughs and overall comic insanity to make you think you just inhaled some of the wacky weed referred to in its title.”
-HK and Cult Film News

“A wacky wild time with El Mariachi-style wild-west showdowns in broad daylight allow this huge cast of characters taking the gun and gore sequences to spectacular heights!”
-East Bay Express

“Mean, bloody and demented. It’s also piss-your-pants hilarious, maddeningly nihilistic, oddly sentimental, weirdly moral, extremely silly and insanely energetic romp.”

“A wonderfully twisted mixture of Half Baked, and Planes Trains and Automobiles with a touch of Pulp Fiction SMOKED is a fast paced, smart, witty dark comedy that also functions as a great action flick.”
-B is for Best, Movie Reviews and More

SMOKED is a dark comedy crime caper feature film, written and directed by Tourettes creator and host Jamie DeWolf. A wild romp through Oakland in a whirlwind of mayhem and weirdness, the film features many performers from the Tourettes Without Regrets world in a completely different way.
The plot: “Three stoner buddies throw a house party that ends in flames after two thugs burn the house down. Now in debt and desperate, the three concoct a half-baked plan to rob a medical marijuana club while posing as police officers. Unfortunately, this club is secretly owned by a drug kingpin who dispatches the feared Four Horseman thugs to kill them. This pursuit sends a wave of violence across Oakland as the assassins off hippies, ninjas, naked clowns, and just about anyone who stands in their way.”

Shot over the last two years on BART trains, in desolate Oakland neighborhoods, and on downtown streets where cinematic hit squads ran around shooting at one another with live blanks, DeWolf filmed a scene at Tourettes in which a freestyle rap battle goes horribly wrong, ending in a shoot-out that sends three hundred bystanders pouring into the street.

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