Rogues Gallery


Jamie DeWolf

jamieOnce called a “verbal Ghenghis Kahn…the red-haired lovechild of a crack-crazed Richard Pryor and Alex from A Clockwork Orange”, JAMIE DEWOLF is a slam poet, stand up comedian, teaching artist and filmmaker from Oakland, CA. After being banned from local open mics in his hometowns of Benicia and Vallejo for his raw subject matter, vaudevillian theatrics and dark humor, he created Tourettes Without Regrets in 1999 out of revenge, to showcase the cutting edge of undeground performance. Since then, the show has become the longest running freestyle battle and the largest slam on the West Coast. It was awarded the “Best of the Bay” by the SF Guardian and continues every first thursday of the month in Oakland, CA.

Since his first slam in 1999, DeWolf (formerly known as Jamie Kennedy) won his way onto seven slam teams every year he’s competed and has since become a National Poetry Slam Champion, the Oakland and Berkeley Grand Slam Champion, a YouthSpeaks Mentor, a featured performer on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, and has performed and lead writing workshops at over 90 universities, high schools and juvies across the U.S, to Moscow, Russia and San Quentin Penitentiary. His work has been featured on 60 Minutes, UPN and NPR.

As a member of The Suicide Kings performance trio (with Geoff Trenchard and Rupert Estanislao), they’ve toured the country with acts as diverse as Sage Francis and The Dwarves and in 2006 were the recipients of the National Performance Network Creation Commission to write “In Spite of Everything”, described as “a poignant, chilling knockout of a play…that beautifully incorporates their visceral verse into the brutal narrative to a school shooting.”  The play premiered at the Hip Hop Theater Festival in 2007 and was chosen as one of the “top ten” plays of the year by East Bay Express the same year.

As the great grandson of the cult of Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard, he remains a vocal critic of the cult on national radio, and was the host of the first anti-Scientology summit in Clearwater, Florida, widely considered to be the “Mecca” for the Church.

As a film-maker, he’s the writer and director of the shorts Safe, Chasing CharlamagneHickman Homes: Certified Beasts, and is currently finishing Ricochet in Reverse, a short invoking Columbine going backwards, and his full length feature film SMOKED, a dark comedy crime caper revolving around a cannabis club robbery starring the Suicide Kings, made in conjunction with M.O.S.S Productions. He’s finishing an album and has begun work on his next two screenplays. He lives in Oakland, CA.











Our beloved Retired DJ

DJ F*CK OFF has shady beginnings.  It is rumored he cut his teeth at the early Benicia “Trailer Park Trash” Tourettes by DJ’ing the show with nothing but a boombox and some beef jerky, but this cannot be confirmed nor denied.

DJ Fuck Off

He is a Poet’s DJ and emcee, well known for his rapid fire rhyme schemes and fearless subject matter,  being on both the San Jose and Oakland National Poetry Slam teams, and the DJ for Tourettes Without Regrets since the turn of the century. Under his more kid-friendly alias (DJmisterG), he spins at the Oakland Poetry Slam every last thursday of the month. Known for his deep crates, quick-draw style, and penchant for shenanigans, he has been called “the best slam dj ever, period.”

Check him out on facebook at, or on twitter at


Miss Eccentric

Miss Eccentric“Ms. Eccentric” AKA Natalie Ashodian was performing and producing by age three inspired by the realization that cake in the face was a crowd pleas-er. She has been crafting well-organized messes into art and entertainment ever since. In the years that fallowed grade school, she organized, performed in, and produced several shows, plays, albums, music videos, and dance pieces often along side her performance poetry group “via-Iva”. In college, she managed a student art gallery, modeled for and styled several professional photo shoots, started a clothing RE:Design line called “Eccentric Threads”, produced the Kinetic Poetics Project, competed on slam teams, and coached the 2005 UCSC slam poetry team to a first place victory in Philadelphia. Somewhere in there she also earned a degree in Sociology, a minor in Theater Arts & Dance, and completed an Entertainment and Media Management certification through the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Natalie has been attending some form of Tourettes with out Regrets for almost ten years, and has been part of the rogue cast for a little over two. Its the perfect spot for a lady who thinks cake on the face is a plus, especially when accompanied by tape covered nipples. You can often spot her these days on stage, timer in left hand, bra in the right, shakin’ her ass in a slightly disturbing yet barely there outfit. She has also often appeared as the Booze and condom Fairy in Tourettes’ more underground fazes.

Most recently Natalie has been directing and producing a “Docuwebisode” format documentary called “Where are you Online” concerning Web 2.0’s impact on traditional media and entertainment. She also danced in, and produced Zombie! A New Musical in its sold out San Francisco Premier run.  In addition, she has founded both the non-profit Dandelion Experiments and the for-profit Zero Coordinate Inc AKA “Staggering Creative”, while maintaining her own projects under the Eccentric Productions brand. These organizations serve to benefit artists of all types, and to energize the communities they operate in. Her goal is to bring a new way of doing business to artists and the arts because “artists deserve to eat, too.” She will gladly accept any donations of cake to the face upon request before the show. Vegan red velvet is her favorite.



SYZYGY is a beat-boxer and emcee internationally reknowned for his dizzying versatility, wildly inventive rhythm patterns and the ability to transform his voice into any instrument or personality.

A member of the Many Elements beat-boxing trio, he’s rocked the stage at the West Coast Beat-Boxing Championships, collaborating with legends such as Kid Beyond and America’s Got Talent finalist Butterscotch. He DJ’s shows with nothing but his mouth, a mic, and a loop-station at such shows as Tourettes Without Regrets and the Berzekely Slam.

He’s currently providing a beat-box soundtrack for the feature film “Smoked” and compiling an album of freestyles, beats and prank calls. He lives in Oakland, CA.



asherASHER KENNEDY (Aka ASHTREY) is a freestyle emcee, actor, beat producer and martial arts enthusiast. As one of the first freestyle rap champions at Tourettes Without Regrets, he coordinates the battle sign up sheet and is currently at work on his first album.

He can be seen playing the dual roles of “Sniffy” and “Cranksta” as a member of the hit squad “The Four Horsemen” in the upcoming feature film “Smoked” and causing havoc at any bar after hours.


Krystal Ashe

KRYSTAL ASHE was the Founder of Chicago’s Mental Graffiti series, co hosting with Anacron for 6 years, before moving to the Bay Area.  While in Chicago she also Co Founded Woman Outloud and  featured at The Green Mill,The Guild Complex, Buck Town Arts Festival, Around the Coyote, as well as around the country including the Albaquerque Poetry Festival and MidWest Ladyfest.

Krystal is Published in  Poetry Slam: The Competive Art of Performance Poetry, Di-Verse-city, Thousandwords Magazine, and for 2 years wrote the column “Don’t make the Bartender Mad” for Barfly newspaper.

Besides a Bartender, she’s been a Nightclub promoter, a bass player in a couple punk bands, a drifter, a greasy spoon cook, and a wench in medievial times. She loves scrabble and roadtrips, and dreams of one day going back in time and having a Masamune Katana made just for her, and getting her Elven Cleric to level 20.  She has helped out with Tourettes Without Regrets for 5 years.


Mr. Mascot

mascotIn a time before what you are reading now, everything that was ever represented by something else was represented by Mr. Mascot.

He has stood for world peace, AIDS prevention, helping the poor, AIDS promulgation, himself, cancer awareness, pet rocks (which were really great in the 80’s), whaling, debt relief, the powerful political rap of Public Enemy, and ourselves.

Taking the form of whatever is most pleasing to the eye and the body in a given moment, he has for the last few years been standing for Tourettes Without Regrets. Why? Because it is a hard thing to represent, and Jamie’s too hard to look at for more than a few seconds.


DJ Miggy Stardust

Winner EBX “Best DJ 2012, 2013″ and  alter-ego of Artist Roberto Miguel , Miggy Stardust has thrown countless parties and Dj’d all types of clubs and events!