Tourettes Without Regrets Celebrates Its 15-year Anniversary

“Besides being the largest, longest running variety show in the Bay Area, and three time Best Of The Bay winner, Tourettes Without Regret’s outstandingly creative and completely insane.”

– SF Weekly –

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Descendant of Scientology’s Founder Has Disciples of His Own

“Of looks and brains and verbal dexterity, Jamie DeWolf and his famous great-grandfather, L. Ron Hubbard, could be twins. But of money and religion they share little.”


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Modern-Day Vaudevillian

“Spoken word artist and National Poetry Slam champion Jamie DeWolf is best known locally for hosting his over-the-top, raw and raucous monthly all-ages Tourettes Without Regrets open mic shows.”

– Oakland Magazine –

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‘Game of Thrones’ Gets an Erotic Makeover

“‘Game of Thrones’ fans: contain yourselves. The hit show rife with sex, violence and drama has inspired a stage show also rife with sex, violence and drama.”

– Huffington Post –

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Tourettes Without Regrets: The Fight Club of Underground Art

“The crowd buzzed as they waited for one of the most talked about events of the Bay Area: infamous variety show Tourette’s Without Regrets.”

– The Campanil –

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‘Art Outlaw’ Aims to Make Audience Think

“DeWolf recalls that people have always tried to censor his art. He created the variety show “Tourettes Without Regrets” in hopes to combat censorship and give artists the opportunity to say what they really want to say.”

– The Pioneer –

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Madness and Mayhem, No Regrets to Be Had

“Most months, ‘full throttle’ includes some measure of burlesque, bondage, dirty haiku tournaments, lap dances, rap battles, sexual pantomiming and things being set on fire, interspersed with spoken word and stand-up comedy.”

– Oakland Local –

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Extended Play: Jamie DeWolf Interview

“I started [Tourettes] in Vallejo and Benecia, so I have a lot of love for people who just completely are defiant in the space of small towns who create a space for people to speak and to create an open forum.”

– –

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Who Wants a Mustache Ride? An Evening of Tourettes Without Regrets

Tourettes Without Regrets is essentially an evening of absurdity, mixed with artistic precision and insanity.”

– Huffington Post –

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The Audacity of Tourettes Without Regrets, Oakland’s Underground Variety Show

“The thing about this show is that while you can be a passive observer, you most likely won’t be. Audience members often become participants, performers and judges. Keeping the roles open means the line between audience and performer is blurred.”

– KALW –

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Secret San Francisco Nightlife You Need to Know About

“Shock and delight your out-of-town guests or vanilla friends — or relish in some amazing feats, just because — at Tourettes Without Regrets, held on the first Thursday of each month at Oakland Metro”

– Thrillist –

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