Smoked, the Movie

Smoked, the Movie - Jamie DeWolf

“Mean, bloody and demented. It’s also piss-your-pants hilarious, maddeningly nihilistic, oddly sentimental, weirdly moral, extremely silly and insanely energetic romp.” –

SMOKED is a dark comedy crime caper feature film, written and directed by Tourettes creator and host Jamie DeWolf. A wild romp through Oakland in a whirlwind of mayhem and weirdness, the film features many performers from the Tourettes Without Regrets world in a completely different way.

“A wonderfully twisted mixture of Half Baked, and Planes Trains and Automobiles with a touch of Pulp Fiction SMOKED is  a fast paced,  smart, witty dark comedy that also functions as a great action flick.” – B is for Best, Movie Reviews and More

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Vaude Villain

Performer, comedian, film-maker, Suicide King, prankster, host and creator of the notorious Tourettes Without Regrets, DeWolf’s “Vaude Villain” is full of the wild irreverence, emotional dark extremes and razor sharp lyricism that have defined DeWolf’s career from the barroom battles in the world of slam, to full on theatrical performances to self loathing rap.


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