The first Thursday of every month, without fail.
The New Oakland Metro Operahouse, 522 2nd Street, Jack London Square in Oakland.
At least 18 years old. Yes, you have to have an ID to enter, and you have to be 21+ to be able to partake of adult beverages.
Yes we are, and in fact have had many folks of varying abilities perform onstage as well.
Tickets are $15 — we only sell them at the door. Doors open at 8:30pm; the show starts at 9pm.
No, all tickets are available at the door on a first-come, first-served basis.
Yes, there’s on-street parking, as well as a garage across the street that closes at 1 AM.
At 8pm, we tape up a Slam sign up and Freestyle Battle sign up sheet outside the Metro by the door. There’s a lottery for the Slam to choose 5 performers from the list. The performers have 3 minutes of stage time to compete for a $100 cash prize; the winner’s chosen by the audience.
The sign up list is taped up at 8pm on the front of the venue. The Freestyle Battle is 8-12 open slots for a $200 cash prize, with the winner chosen by the audience. The freestyle rounds are 30-second rounds over instrumentals. The final round is two 30-second rounds with a 4-Bar Trade-back that will continue until the audience has decided a winner.
If you’re a poet, comedian, or have a skill set that would fit in the Slam or Freestyle Battle, sign up, rock the house! Otherwise, be awesome and send us a bio and video. Keep in mind our show gets booked months ahead of time. That said, we’re always looking for all kinds of new and unique acts from circus, burlesque, comedy, sideshow, slam, break-dance, beat-box, and new art we haven’t even thought of. We love newcomers, original ideas, and folks who push the boundaries of performance. So even if you’re cooking on a new idea, hit us up!
In 1998 as a one-off experiment in Benicia, California, then in 1999 in Vallejo, California, as an ongoing monthly series. It then moved to Oakland and has been there ever since.
The show title is a celebration of all forms of expression, bodies, abilities, and experiences, without judgment. We love all forms of language, humor, and dynamic performance. We’ve had many performers with Tourettes Syndrome rock the mic as well.
Your arrest record must be impressive.
No one knows. But for the record, he’s a Badger. And a smiley one at that.
There are no words to encapsulate the Wonder of the Dave. Be lucky it’s only one word.
It has been voted by the East Bay Express as the best place to take a first date. We like to call it a trial by fire. If they can’t enjoy themselves at a Tourettes, there is no sunshine in their soul. Drop them like a hot potato.
We always love extra hands with all the craziness. Contact us, and we’ll see if you truly know what that entails. It takes a village. And sexy outfits.