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Eloisa Bravo, latina LOCA!

Up-and-coming SF comic Eloisa Bravo lit up the Tourette's stage with her unforgettable brand of Venezuelan comedy. With her home-grown hoochiemama accent, she tore up the crowd with stories of love, loss, temporary insanity and living in a world where men expect her vagina to also trill her "R"s. "It's like I have dual citizenship," [...]

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Don’t Make Joyce Lee Mad

"And no sweetheart, you're wrong... I didn't cut your break lines to kill you. It's just that you take breaks your way, and I take brakes mine." Jamie asked Joyce to come back and perform one of his favorite poems for the 10th Anniversary Special. Joyce originally wrote this poem for the F*** Valentine's Day [...]

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The Poet I Keeps Knocking ‘Em Dead!

The Poet I took home another victory from the Tourettes stage after a killer performance at the October 09 show. "Forsaking all that I am on the inside for these clothes that I wear on the outside, and as my light was fading I wondered 'where is my guardian angel...?'" She's been on a hot-streak [...]

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