Miss Misery’s Vampiric Erotica

Anyone familiar with Tourette's should know that when we describe something as a "bloodbath," it's not because a shooter got loose in the crowd. No, it's a lot more likely that someone is literally in a bathtub, lathering themselves up with cherry-red blood. That established, let me tell you that Patricia Misery's Halloween striptease was [...]

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Eloisa Bravo, latina LOCA!

Up-and-coming SF comic Eloisa Bravo lit up the Tourette's stage with her unforgettable brand of Venezuelan comedy. With her home-grown hoochiemama accent, she tore up the crowd with stories of love, loss, temporary insanity and living in a world where men expect her vagina to also trill her "R"s. "It's like I have dual citizenship," [...]

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Previous Tourette's battle champ B Nasty laid the verbal smack down on the reigning MC Ridiculous in an extended showdown that went from 30 second verses to 4-line tradebacks. These two beasts of battle rap have a whole belt of medals between them, so even if Ridiculous took home the gold - FOR THE THIRD [...]

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True Temper Takes Vokab To Town

Now here's the magic of Tourettes: Exactly one year ago, at the 2008 Christmas Tourettes, True Temper first stepped on stage, and Vokab took him out in the first round. Now, 12 months have passed, and after battling almost every month the tables have turned and True Temper defeated Vokab to take home the prize [...]

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Will Franken Has 1,000 Personalities

Legendary stand up comedian Will Franken made a huge showing at the December '09 Tourettes. Known for bringing dozens of characters to life in the span of a few hours, he managed to keep the house on its toes through a 40-minute set. From his manly-man turned transsexual to his schizophrenic awards show host to [...]

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Don’t Make Joyce Lee Mad

"And no sweetheart, you're wrong... I didn't cut your break lines to kill you. It's just that you take breaks your way, and I take brakes mine." Jamie asked Joyce to come back and perform one of his favorite poems for the 10th Anniversary Special. Joyce originally wrote this poem for the F*** Valentine's Day [...]

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Tantrum & D-Lor Roast Jamie

No words can describe the brutal roasting that Jamie got from Tantrum and D-Lor in a half-written, half-freestyle hip-hop teardown. The audience was laughing so hard they were crying, and Jamie looked like he was about to die. You have to see it to believe it: httpvhd://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bX6HB3bPZWs There's just nothing else that can compare!

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Jelly Donut 3-on-1 Battle

"Yeah that sh** was groovy, man I'll beat your ass with a silent movie!" There wasn't even gonna be a freestyle battle at the 10th Anniversary show, but nobody could pass up the opportunity to battle the legendary rapping pastry! With his dancing "Donut Ho's" backing him up, Jelly Donut took down three emcees in [...]

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Seriously Hot! Fire Dancing by Cosmic DonkeyPunch

After some technical difficulties during their last fire-dancing set, indie circus performers Cosmic DonkeyPunch came back to Tourettes for a second try. This time they brought it bigger and badder than ever, with all three dancers spinning fire at the same time, including a flaming hula hoop! Check it out: httpvhd://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZTvH568GkA

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Tantrum Takes Out 2dub

"yo, dude, you're the weakest hard fellow. Did you just take your grill off?! Man your teeth look even more yellow!" - Tantrum 2dub tore up the mic taking aim at Tantrum, but in the end he couldn't beat the reigning champion. Tantrum took a hiatus after being knocked off his winning streak by Thesaurus [...]

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