Despite massive technical difficulties before the show, this was a raucous, crazy show which got people screaming from right at the start and didn’t let up until it was over.

  • The show started with a round of pants-off musical chairs by the very reluctant judges who nearly got boo’d off stage.
  • The dirty haiku battle was a HUGE upset, with reining champ Tatyana finally being deposed by Rachel Warner!
  • The slam had a strong showing, but real-life military sniper Steve Zook brought the house down and took home the money.
  • Stand up comedy by a 15-year-old and some crazy contests ensued, ending with one man taking a shot of new mother Hezzie’s breast milk.
  • Syzygy rocked the mic with Asher and a guitarist.
  • The New Eccentrics presented the magical story of Splenda the (goth) Unicorn.
  • Rocky Roulette pogo’d his clothes off for all the ladies in the house.
  • Battle heavyweight Madness stole the spotlight for his feature set, pounding out his lyrics and getting the crowd pumped.
  • Tantrum and Madness had a freestyle insult round, tearing down 5 unlucky suckers from the audience.
  • First-timer L-Mo beat out Sosh at the last minute in the battle. It was a great round, and Sosh is shaping up to be a serious competitor, making it to the finals his first two times at Tourettes.

The shows just keep getting better, so come check it out in April!