Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, this is the place to celebrate it. And you know that when Tourettes goes 21 and up, we mean it.

  • Dirty Haiku Battle: Hezzie vs. Jason Bayani. Hezzie mopped the floor with him.
  • Poetry Slam: Joyce, Jen and D. Silence laid it all out and put on a great show for the crowd.
  • Spanking contests, nerf darts and short films brought the ruckus throughout the night.
  • Isis Starr put on an especially dirty burlesque show, featuring every toy she owns…
  • The Sex Ed Squad returned, this time informing the audience about the dangers of the internet, and enlightening them with some new and interesting positions.
  • The Scalesman closed out the night with his trademark vicious comedy. He closed the night, however, with a touching “I love you”, and for once he actually meant it.

Fuck Valentine’s Day only comes once a year. Don’t miss it in 2011!