A house full of crazy people warmed things up on a very cold night at the Oakland Metro. Some of the highlights:

  • Dirty Haiku Battle: Tatyana beats Sweet and Shameless
  • Newcomer Brian H. takes first place in the slam, tearing it up to kick off the competition.
  • Oakland Santa got three-legged lapdances, with three couples using one giant stocking to rock Santa’s socks.
  • Isis performed the world’s creepiest burlesque routine as Raggedy Anne, culminating in blowing her Raggedy Andy.
  • Bronkar and Syzygy performed a tremendous set, beatboxing, juggling and body percussion got the audience jumping.
  • True Temper won his first Tourettes rap battle, beating Vokab exactly one year after first competing at Tourettes.
  • The annual candy cane suckoff was a huge hit.
  • Featured performer Will Franken ran a mile a minute, switching from one hilarious character to another so fast it’d make your head spin.

It was a solid end to an awesome year of Tourettes shows. 2010 is only gonna get better!