The 10th Anniversary showcase was one of the best Tourettes Without Regrets shows of all time! The house was SOLD OUT, and people were going absolutely CRAZY!

The show was all features, all heavy-hitters, all AMAZING performers.

  • Dirty Haiku Battle: D-Silence vs.  the 9-month pregnant Hezzie
  • Slam features by Proletariat Bronze, Joyce Lee, Rupert Estanislau, and the Suicide Kings
  • Freestyle by Jelly Donut and The Freeze, plus Madness and Tigger the Rock
  • Burlesque by Lady X and Rocky Roulette
  • Film premieres of Ricochet in Reverse, a Tourettes documentary, and Smoked
  • A freestyle roast of Jamie DeWolf by Tantrum and D-Lor
  • Games: What’s Down Jamie’s Pants, Strap-On Freeze Tag, Monster-Dildo Blowjob
  • Stand up comedy by The Scalesman
  • Music by Mark Silverman
  • The return of the Original Co-Host: Anthony R. Miller

The show was non-stop amazing and if you weren’t there you missed out. Watch all the videos to get just a taste of the insanity!